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For the year 2019 we have conceptualised the following programmes and activities for implementation during the year.

Political Education and Development Programmes:

For the year 2019 the designing of different political education and development programmes aim at contributing to enhancement of democracy and general improvement of populace’s knowledge of democracy and its development. Among the areas of focus include the following;

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Negotiation in Democracy (NID)

A research-based Simulation programme will be further developed to train different spectrum of our society on the importance of negotiation in the advancement of society. The initiative will focus on different policy areas of governance that are topical per time with basic objective to bring important knowledge to the fore across the society. The NID programme will target policy makers across the three tiers of governance in Nigeria, industries’ manager, higher institutions teachers and student, secondary school teachers and students, and other interested people in the area the programme promotes.

Election Sensitization Campaign (ESC)

Election Sensitization Campaign comprises of different political education initiatives that will target different political development per time with the overall aim to further enhance our political development. Among the programmes under ESC are the following; Initiative on Voters registration, parties registration, election technologies and processes, electoral observation and gender related issues.

Simulated Governance Africa (SIGA)

Under this initiative political development in Africa will be codified to design different learning programme, documentation and conferences to further enhance how Africa development could be fast-tracked. Among the areas of focus under SIGA will include the following; infrastructural development and management, Africa integration, youth development and political governance.

Business Education & Development Programmes

The second main area of interest for Critical Path Leadership Initiative is business development initiatives. These are activities that support running successful business especially for the segment of society where such important knowledge is grossly inadequate. Under this sub-heading the following have been conceived as flagship programmes of our organisation;

Business Plan Development & Diagnostic Workshop

This is a practical-based business development workshops with the aim of impacting business plan development skills to people with business interests. This include practical examples of how to win business plan competitions, get concessionary loans, bank loans etc. Development of innovative business plan by the trainees is the end product of this programme.

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Annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Project

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an annual weeklong activity running concurrently globally to sensitise global populace about entrepreneurship and business development. Critical Path Leadership Initiative (CPLI) will be designing and executing different activities annually in Nigeria as advocacy through our programme tagged ‘Value of Entrepreneurship’.

Business Development Seminal Series (BDSS)

This programme will be 14-Hour business development seminal broken into 7 topics of 2-Hour Seminars. It is developed to train and further groom people on important aspects of business development. It will be targeting both students, rookies’ entrepreneur and established ones. Experience sharing segment of the programme will be used in our business development publication tagged ‘’Value of Entrepreneurship Magazine’’.

Rural Development Programmes:

Rural areas are significantly disadvantaged in so many ways. The objective under this initiative is to continuously conduct needs assessment for different rural areas across Nigeria to design development solutions to reduce or remove different development challenge identified per time. The solution may be through advocacy programmes, grant sourcing for project execution, education programmes within the focus area of our organisation.

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Consultancy & Research

For our organisation to be sustainable; we will continuously be developing projects and programmes that generate incomes to sustain our programmes and activities. The areas of consulting and research services will include; education improvement consultancies, consultancies for institutions on political development, business improvement and development consultancies and project management activities like organising – conferences etc.

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