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EcoQuest in Collaboration with ETGIN

Environmental Awareness and Education
We create environmental awareness in the students through elementary sciences, work in collaboration with their teachers to challenge local students to identify environmental issues in their communities and then examine, develop and execute long-term solutions. We attend school programs, conduct exhibitions where useful materials made from waste would be displayed to help educators introduce real life experiences to the students. More importantly, we support school events and programs and also make contributions to local education organizations.
Environmental Advocacy
EcoQuest is a strong advocate for sound and safe environment. We promote eco-friendly activities and aesthetically good environment that would be safe for all. In the case of environmental degradation or pollution we raise the awareness, protect the public from such environmental hazards. We also work to influence policy in social, economic, political, and cultural spheres in order to bring about justice and positive change in human rights and environmental issues in our society. Community Engagement and Empowerment
EcoQuest maintain strong working relationships with our host communities and nearby neighborhoods. As a community partner, we believe our social responsibility begins with the communities in which our employees live, work and grows from there. We play an active role in local communities, supporting and investing in civic and charitable organizations, local schools and environmental causes, while contributing to increased growth and enhanced quality of life in our local communities by providing employment opportunities for the young and able bodies who are ready and willing to work in our sphere of life.

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